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Hazed Hard and Raw

The college dudes are back and nothing can’t stop them from nailing their asses. The horny frat guys were trapped in the house for the entire weekend so they made the best out of it. Outside it was raining so they guys didn’t have a lot to do. No parties, definitely no school, so they made staying home more interesting. They didn’t have a lot of activities, playing video games, beer pong and lots and lots of ass pounding. College life can be so hard in general, not for these guys, while everyone was busy studying for their finals these guys had a different agenda to take care off.

They have a pretty fly life and spend most of the time around the house with their frat bros. You can say whatever you want about them but these guys know how to have a good time. They packed up on beer and food, the essential and spend the rest of the time nailing their asses in every single room of the house. The youngsters were more active and are going to see a lot of pictures of them in action below. This was all for today but make sure you are going to return to see more from your favorite guys in some hardcore action. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more gay college porn scenes! Also you can visit the site if you wanna see a kinky t girl getting her ass stuffed!


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College Dudes – Loaded Hole

The college dudes send us another great update and you can enjoy it below. There was a rumor around the campus about this guy that had quite the reputation for sucking dicks. The frat guys were intrigued about this dude so they invited him over to the house to get to know him and maybe test him out. The older guys from the frat house were waiting for him and after a few beers the guys started talking more openly and the guy admitted that his reputation started from the last college he went. He admitted to the guys that he was actually kicked out from there because of his extracurricular activities. That picked the guys interested and they knew if they got him buzzed enough something might actually happen and they were right.

Once the guy got buzzed the frat guys had full access to him and all of his holes. The new guy got to know all of the guys way better that he wished for as they all took turns on nailing his ass and getting their dicks sucked by him. We have to give it to him, he did a pretty good job blowing their dicks but if you don’t believe us you can check it out for yourself in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys tomorrow with more! Stay tuned and enjoy or click here and see some hot trannies sucking and fucking!


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Grab Him By The Mussy

These college dudes sure know how to party and things are always over the roof with them. They have the best parties, but the after party is the place where all the magic happens. After the guys are buzzed all you can see are guys fucking all over the place. You can always tell when things started moving that way because the guys are all over each other. You can’t ignore all that ass grabbing and dirty talking. Most of the time everyone minds their own business but when they find a stubborn one the guys help one another. This was also the case, but these guys make it so much more interesting for us.

This guy just wouldn’t cave so he had to call up his boys so give him a hand with him. With the help of his friends, he finally managed to take him upstairs and got him undressed. To stop him from moving the guys pinned him down to the floor and kept him there until everyone in the room got their turn on his fine ass. It was a bit of work but it was totally worth it. The frat guys got what they wanted and you get to see it all in the scene below. When we told you that these frat guys throw the craziest parties we weren’t kidding. So make sure you check them out in action in the scene below!


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College Dudes – Little Slut Bro

The college dudes found the new house bitch. In case you don’t know the house bitch it the guy you go to when you are horny and want to drill an ass. The guys change their house bitches pretty often, no one wants to fuck the same ass all day long. The week was this twink’s turn, to try out the part. This was his first year in college and he only came out of the closet a few months ago, so that meant a lot of backdoor activity for him. But it wasn’t like he was a say in this, so he minded his own business and played the part. The poor always had guys in his room no matter the hour. Sometimes they would wake him up just to get some action.

Let’s say that during this part week the poor guy was fucked on and on by everyone there and in every room of the house. Once it even happened on the front lawn! In the gallery below you’ll get to see it all and watch the hot guy getting his ass stuffed by his fraternity brothers. The little slut bro did a hell of a job and we are sure that you guys will enjoy it as much as we did. You can also check out some of the older updates too, there are a lot of great action in them as well. This was all for today but get ready for tomorrow’s update!


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Gangbang Bitch Bro

Like we said so many times, the college dudes throw the wildest parties on campus and everyone knows that. But this one topped most of them because they finally got their hands on a straight guy that wanted to try it out. You must see this dude getting his ass hammered for the very first time. The guys don’t mess around with straight guys, there’s the mutual respect between them and that’s why at most of their parties you can see all kind of guys there. During last night’s party, one of their friends told them that there was a straight guy there that wanted to see what it was like to get your ass fucked. That made the party a lot more interesting and once they found the guy they couldn’t wait to take him upstairs to test him out.

It’s always good to have some fresh meat in the house but a tight virgin ass is a completely different thing. Their new guy was ready so the guys went with him upstairs to show him what’s like to get your ass stuffed. As you can see in the preview below this was a bit more that he could handle and the poor guy started screaming as the guys began nailing his ass. This one was pure fire and you must see it all. See you next time with more!


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College Dudes – Gang Bangers

These college dudes just get into troubles every day and we couldn’t be happier about that. These guys keep on pissing off the older guys in the house and they had to be punished for it. Talking trash to the guys isn’t accepted especially in a house filled with guys. This guy was one of them and he wanted to stand up for himself, well as you can see that wasn’t his brightest idea and he’s gonna pay for it. The guys gathered in his room and waited for him to get home to settle things once and for good. Once you see your entire room filled with guys you know something isn’t alright, especially so early in the morning. These guys love sleeping and last night was a really long night for everyone.

He tried apologizing although he knew that wasn’t going to help him too much. The guys pushed him on the couch took off his pants and started nailing his ass and dumping their loads in his ass. Poor bastard started screaming but that only made things worst and now he got his mouth stuffed as well. These guys just wouldn’t stop and that is always good news, at least for us. The guys offered us another great show and you guys can check it out in the picture gallery below and make sure you tell us what you think about it. Enjoy it and stay tuned!


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Fresh College Meat

The day has come! The gay college dudes are going to meet the freshmen joining their frat house today. They usually have a week to decide where they want to go and find out as much as they can about them. Everyone on campus knew what happens in their frat house. The wildest parties but they is a catch to it all, all the guys there are gay so yeah that means a lot of ass fucking. Although everyone knows about the orgies that take place there no one has actually tried to stop them. Today was the big day and after the guys sobered up and cleaned up their mess from last night they were all patiently waiting in the main room to see the fresh meat.

All the guys that got there were cute and hopefully gay if not this year was going to be really hard for them. The older guys had to test out the fresh college meat and we all know what that means! Everyone picked their guy and took him up in the room, a room that they were going to share for the rest of the year. You can see in the gallery below all the guys banging their fresh meat so get ready to see a lot of blowjobs and ass drilling pics. See you next time with more gay action from your favorite college hunks!


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College Dudes – Fuck That Ass

The college dudes are back and they got their hands on a fresh ass to bang. This guy was a last minute transfer and all the dorms were occupied so he was assigned to a frat house. From all the frat houses around the campus, he was sent to the one that was filled with gay guys. He figured that out pretty soon, once he entered the house to be more precise. Nothing says welcome like seeing two guys fucking in the middle of the house. This is the first thing that he saw once he got there and we are sure he isn’t going to forget that too soon.


The frat guys figured out that he wasn’t into dudes but he had to get used to that and fast if he wanted a roof over his head. The guys tried talking to him and getting him involved in their activities, video games, parties but he just sat in his room. After one of their parties, they got so drunk that they paid him a midnight visit. The guys were sick of him and his rejections so they made him one of theirs. But they were surprised to find out that this wasn’t our new boy’s first ass fuck. So he just didn’t like them as much and after this, we are sure that this isn’t going to change. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!

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Fratboy Punishment

Every household has their troublemakers and these new college dudes had to teach a lesson, which of course involved a hardcore ass fucking session. In every house there is an order, usually, the younger guys have to listen to the older guys and when that doesn’t happen it usually causes a lot of problems. No one wants a smart ass talking trash to everyone in the house. The guys knew that he had to be punished and made sure that the youngster wouldn’t forget about this night too soon. The frat guys waiting until he was out of the shower and then without too many words they took care of business. The poor bastard started screaming and trying to get out of it but he didn’t stand a chance. The guys caught him pretty fast and pinned him to the table.

There were at least four guys around him, so the only way out was after they were finished with his sorry ass. We don’t know about him but the guys really enjoyed getting to ride his sorry ass and stuff his holes. This is what big mouths deserve and when the frat guys punish they always do their best. If you don’t believe us you can see them in action in the scene below and this way you are going to see everything that went down between them. See you next time!


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College Dudes – Bro Gangbang

The college dudes are back with another insane bro gangbang. The guys around here have their own way of welcoming new guys and as you might’ve guessed it involves a lot of ass pounding. Usually, the guys gather all the rookies, the freshmen in one big party and they began testing them out. College is all about experiencing and these guys are going to do that too, one way or another. Everyone pretty much knows about their frat house so all of the guys there are into other dudes but that doesn’t mean that they can’t test them out.

They have to find out if there are a good fit for them. The party started last night and after everyone got hammered the party moved from the living room to the bedroom where every senior got a freshman to bang. It’s nothing better than trying out a fresh ass and sharing it with your brothers. These guys gotta get used to the college lifestyle and around their house, this is how things work. After each big party there has to be an after party and being new to the house they have to be ready for some backroom action. Below you can check out some of the hottest pics from the scene and until next time make sure you take a look at some of the older updates as well! Enjoy it and stay tuned!


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