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Hot New Guy

These college dudes throw the sickest parties and as usual they all end with an insane gay orgy. They had this new guy getting transferred to their school. He was kind of shy but damn he was hot! He joined the college football team hopping to get know the guys better. Well they had different plans for him and they got what they wanted. The guys threw him an amazing party, lots of booze, good music nice people but no girls. He thought it was a team party only but the room was full and most of them didn’t even play a sport.

He was a bit nervous because he didn’t understood what was happening in the first place. The jocks started hitting on him and after some of the people left they started fooling around with him. It was a blind shot because neither of them knew if he was into guys or not. But luckily for them this wasn’t his first experience of this kind and he really enjoyed getting his fine ass hammered. But you definitely must check out the entire collegedudes gallery and see what happens next.

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