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College Dudes – Fuck That Ass

The college dudes are back and they got their hands on a fresh ass to bang. This guy was a last minute transfer and all the dorms were occupied so he was assigned to a frat house. From all the frat houses around the campus, he was sent to the one that was filled with gay guys. He figured that out pretty soon, once he entered the house to be more precise. Nothing says welcome like seeing two guys fucking in the middle of the house. This is the first thing that he saw once he got there and we are sure he isn’t going to forget that too soon.


The frat guys figured out that he wasn’t into dudes but he had to get used to that and fast if he wanted a roof over his head. The guys tried talking to him and getting him involved in their activities, video games, parties but he just sat in his room. After one of their parties, they got so drunk that they paid him a midnight visit. The guys were sick of him and his rejections so they made him one of theirs. But they were surprised to find out that this wasn’t our new boy’s first ass fuck. So he just didn’t like them as much and after this, we are sure that this isn’t going to change. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!

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