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College Dudes – Swole Buttom Bro

The college dudes found another swole bottom to hammer and they share it all with you guys. What’s better on an afternoon that some backdoor action while enjoying some games on the TV? These guys sure live a good life and they aren’t to shy to show it off. All day long they party, play games, drink and nail asses. It’s not such a bad life! This time they had two teams to play some games, but instead, two of the guys found a better way to spend their time on that couch. So right there between the other two guys, they started jerking off and blowing their dicks. No worries they didn’t stop there and things only got more interesting with time as you are going to see in the scene we got for you below.

All that action between them turned on the other guys as well so soon you are going to see all of them taking turns on nailing the same ass. In the preview, you can see the guys getting ready for the action by jerking off their dicks and waiting for their turns to nail that ass. The guys didn’t hold back on too many things as you can see in the gallery below. This is all for today but make sure you are going to check out some of the older updates as well to see what these guys are up too!


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