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Tied Up Fuck Hole

The guys found their new house bitch and they couldn’t wait to nail that fuck hole. The college dudes had a few options around the house, but they all decided that this one is going to be the lucky one. They wanted to get him more involved with the fraternity lifestyle. He was going to parties and stuff but the guys wanted to get out of his shell and this worked out great for everybody involved. This is the only way the guys knew how to help him out and luckily for all of us this actually worked out. It’s not that the guy wasn’t into fucking but he had a lot of mood shifts and they didn’t want that around the house, they need guys that are always there for them.

They took him by surprise today when they all went to his room and give him the great news. That didn’t really turn out so good for him because right when he guys entered he was busy nailing one of the new guys. There’s no need to tell you guys how much that pissed off the older guys, so soon after that our guy was pinned on the floor with his hands and legs tied up getting his ass smashed by his brothers. He’s going to have a lot of his hands from now on and up his ass too. See him in action below!


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