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The day has come! The gay college dudes are going to meet the freshmen joining their frat house today. They usually have a week to decide where they want to go and find out as much as they can about them. Everyone on campus knew what happens in their frat house. The wildest parties but they is a catch to it all, all the guys there are gay so yeah that means a lot of ass fucking. Although everyone knows about the orgies that take place there no one has actually tried to stop them. Today was the big day and after the guys sobered up and cleaned up their mess from last night they were all patiently waiting in the main room to see the fresh meat.

All the guys that got there were cute and hopefully gay if not this year was going to be really hard for them. The older guys had to test out the fresh college meat and we all know what that means! Everyone picked their guy and took him up in the room, a room that they were going to share for the rest of the year. You can see in the gallery below all the guys banging their fresh meat so get ready to see a lot of blowjobs and ass drilling pics. See you next time with more gay action from your favorite college hunks!


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