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College Dudes – Muscle Butt Bro

The horny college dudes are back and they got another fresh ass to bang. The seniors have a great time testing these new guys and find out just how much they can take. You already know that this the place were you are going to find some of the hottest jocks getting banged by their frat brothers. We got to see a lot of frat houses but this one takes things to a completely different level. Everyone knew that the guys only take gay guys in their fraternity, so when our guy got transferred they already knew that he was a perfect fit for them. The captain of the football team, great body and the perfect ass to bang. They knew that they were going to get him either way but they tried it the nice way first.


The guy was actually up to some fun, so next day after his workout he went to their house. He isn’t the type of guy that needs to be worked, he jumped straight to the fun part. The muscle butt bro got to test our all the frat guys as we were taking their dicks up his fine ass. The fraternity needs him to join, he’s a perfect fit and imagines seeing at all of their parties getting nailed. It’s going to be so hot. Enjoy it and see you guys with more gay update next time!

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