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Smart Ass Buttom Boy

This is a first for the college dudes, they never had a nerd in their house to bang. He needed a place to crash and he was sent from the administration to their fraternity house. The guys didn’t know what to do, the guy was staying there for a few days. All day long he kept his head in his books and ignored everyone else. The guy wasn’t there to make any friends and no one could get to him. Well, everything changed after a short shower. He was almost drooling over the guys that he saw there.All these ripped jocks with tiny towels getting in and out really turned him on and one of the older guys standing there noticed that too.

He let everyone else know that too and after he got out of the shower they made their move on the smart ass dude. Needless to say, he wasn’t expecting everyone to be there and understood what was going to happen. You didn’t need to be extremely bright to see what was going down in their house. The guys didn’t leave him with to much space and he finally caved and the guy got theirs. We gotta admit the nerd has a really nice ass and you just can’t let that walk around the house without banging it. Take a look at everything that went down in the update below!


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