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Liquored Up and Fucked

The college dudes got another dude liquored up and fucked in this latest updates. These dudes just can’t stop and with all those new asses walking around the house you can’t really blame them. Everyone had they eyes on the newest guy that joined them. It was clear that he is into guys but he avoided hooking up with any of his bros. They tried it the good way, but with no results, so they had to get creative. The jocks threw a party for him hoping that some alcohol would help their situation and they were right. Apparently, the guy was just shy and that’s why he avoided his frat bros. After a few drinks he loosens up and the guys got to see another side of him, a side that they could roll with.

The college dude got pretty hammered and once he got over his shyness he was hitting every guy there. The guys didn’t want to miss this out so they took him upstairs where the guys got their turns on nailing his ass while the guy continued drinking. This was a good bonding session for all of them and the guys got to know their newest brother. A little liquor can solve a lot of things and it worked for this dude. You can see him in the gallery below so check it out!


Watch here the college dude getting his ass hammered!