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The college dudes send us another great update and you can enjoy it below. There was a rumor around the campus about this guy that had quite the reputation for sucking dicks. The frat guys were intrigued about this dude so they invited him over to the house to get to know him and maybe test him out. The older guys from the frat house were waiting for him and after a few beers the guys started talking more openly and the guy admitted that his reputation started from the last college he went. He admitted to the guys that he was actually kicked out from there because of his extracurricular activities. That picked the guys interested and they knew if they got him buzzed enough something might actually happen and they were right.

Once the guy got buzzed the frat guys had full access to him and all of his holes. The new guy got to know all of the guys way better that he wished for as they all took turns on nailing his ass and getting their dicks sucked by him. We have to give it to him, he did a pretty good job blowing their dicks but if you don’t believe us you can check it out for yourself in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys tomorrow with more! Stay tuned and enjoy or click here and see some hot trannies sucking and fucking!


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