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College Dudes – Toga Bitch

This guy had just one thing to do, take care of everything without mentioning the word toga. Some of the college dudes don’t like hearing it and they mentioned that on their first day there, but they just don’t listen and they gotta be punished for that and nailing their asses is always a good way of proving their point. The poor guy got home and while talking to one of his bros, they overheard him talking about togas, big mistake! Again the worst timing ever in this one as well.

You never know who can hear you around the house and these guys know that but sometimes things just slip and, like it always happens, then there’s someone passing by. The guys were so pissed that he took the cute college dude up to their room and destroyed his asshole. They tied up the guy using duct tape, but that wasn’t all because this guy needed a piece of tape over his mouth as well to keep his mouth shut. Everyone in that room had a piece of his ass and after everyone got their turn they finally left the poor guy alone. Life can be really had in the frat house if you don’t keep your mouth shut when you need too. There are all up for fun but that doesn’t mean that everyone does whatever they want too. Enjoy it!


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