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College dudes – Loosen Him Up

These college dudes love messing around with their younger guys and making them fuck one another is the best one. These new guys are so shady and they would literally try out everything if you ask them too. The other day the guys were in the mood to play around with them a bit more and test their limits. They took two of the rookies undressed them and tied up with duct tape. You might think that they had something to say about it but this wasn’t the case because the guys seemed more excited than the seniors to try this out. These new guys are amazing and they make things so much more interesting around the house.

The guys covered their mouths as well and directed the entire things as they were moving them just like dolls. They were puppets in their hands, living puppets that were willing to do anything they wanted them to do. Having the full control over these dudes made things so much fun, they were literally helping them fuck one another’s ass. But they weren’t going to sit on the side on this one so they joined the fun. The college guys had a great time and you’ll get to see it all in the picture gallery below and you can also check out some of the older gay updates as well. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more!


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