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Grab Him By The Mussy

These college dudes sure know how to party and things are always over the roof with them. They have the best parties, but the after party is the place where all the magic happens. After the guys are buzzed all you can see are guys fucking all over the place. You can always tell when things started moving that way because the guys are all over each other. You can’t ignore all that ass grabbing and dirty talking. Most of the time everyone minds their own business but when they find a stubborn one the guys help one another. This was also the case, but these guys make it so much more interesting for us.

This guy just wouldn’t cave so he had to call up his boys so give him a hand with him. With the help of his friends, he finally managed to take him upstairs and got him undressed. To stop him from moving the guys pinned him down to the floor and kept him there until everyone in the room got their turn on his fine ass. It was a bit of work but it was totally worth it. The frat guys got what they wanted and you get to see it all in the scene below. When we told you that these frat guys throw the craziest parties we weren’t kidding. So make sure you check them out in action in the scene below!


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