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Fratboy Punishment

Every household has their troublemakers and these new college dudes had to teach a lesson, which of course involved a hardcore ass fucking session. In every house there is an order, usually, the younger guys have to listen to the older guys and when that doesn’t happen it usually causes a lot of problems. No one wants a smart ass talking trash to everyone in the house. The guys knew that he had to be punished and made sure that the youngster wouldn’t forget about this night too soon. The frat guys waiting until he was out of the shower and then without too many words they took care of business. The poor bastard started screaming and trying to get out of it but he didn’t stand a chance. The guys caught him pretty fast and pinned him to the table.

There were at least four guys around him, so the only way out was after they were finished with his sorry ass. We don’t know about him but the guys really enjoyed getting to ride his sorry ass and stuff his holes. This is what big mouths deserve and when the frat guys punish they always do their best. If you don’t believe us you can see them in action in the scene below and this way you are going to see everything that went down between them. See you next time!


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